Property Management

Pristine Property Management has a very strong emphasis on Property Management in Residential & Commercial which is clearly shown in the growth of our rental department.  Our close-knit team is experienced, reliable and can ensure you ‘No Distractions, Just Pure Service’.

Below are some examples of how we manage our rental properties.



We do not charge our basic marketing expenses to our Landlords.

We use the main, and most popular advertising real estate website, social media platform (Facebook), our office which has daily walk-ins requesting a rental list and our website This includes standard photos and description of your property.



Our belief in finding a great tenant is presenting the property to a target market and attracting a high volume of applicants so Landlords can select the most suitable. It is also our belief that if the property is initially presented well, the prospective tenants generally do not hesitate to make an Application for it.


Tenancy Applications

Our Tenancy Application Form is comprehensive and is specifically designed for professional references and references from Estate Agents or Landlords.  This gives us a much clearer indication of the tenant’s history and income (to show affordability).  We also use TICA, which is a nation-wide database lists bad tenants, but we are also able to use this resource to assist in tracking where tenants have made Applications in the past.  This database is exclusive to registered and licensed Estate Agents. We also require 100pts of identification for all applicants, also completing extensive online searches via social media platforms; all of this information is relayed to the landlords to enable them to make a decision on who rents their investment property.


Condition Report

We have a strong focus on recording the condition of your property – right down to the last detail to prepare a very thorough Condition Report.  Using a well formulized program, Inspection Express for each property, we take on average of two-three hundred photos along with comments to record the condition of the property before new tenants move in (depending on the condition, age, and size of the property).


Routine Inspections

Routine inspections take place after a tenant takes possession of the property.  We inspect (also giving you the Landlord the option to attend) the property at three months, and then six months thereafter to see how the tenant is maintaing the property, to record any damage, and also to make notes of potential maintenance issues in the future to ensure your property is running as smoothly as possible during its investment life.  Each report/inspection is also conducted using Inspection Express program producing a report which can be emailed or mailed depending on your preference.


Paying Rent

Tenants have some simple options to pay rent.  The most common method is for tenants to electronically funds into our Trust Account.  Centrepay is an option which we recommend to all tenants who receiv a Centrelink income and Eftpos for those wishing to come into our office.


Arrears Management

We commence the rent arrears follow-up process from day one of arrears so you can be confident that the financial management of your property is being managed effectively to maximise your monthly income.


Landlord Payments

As Agents, but also as Landlords ourselves, we understand the importance of cash flow and preference of having rent deposited into your account when required by you; we office several forms of Landlord payments.

  • End of Month
  • As it comes in (this can only be as often as your tenant pays)
  • On the 15th & End off Month.


We prepare a disbursement which automatically credits your funds into your nominated account or accounts.  You are also emailed or posted a statement of the transactions at the end of each month.  At the end of the financial year, you are supplied with a statement showing all of your expenditure and income.  This includes rental income, agency fees, maintenance fees, council rates, all utilities and other expenses.


Property Expenses

We understand that many investors lead busy lifestyles and they wish for their property manager to be responsible for all aspects of their investment property. As such, we can arrange the payment of bills from funds collected, before the due date. Included in this service is the payment of local authority rates and charges, insurance premiums and any other costs as they fall due. We’ll take care of the entire process and make your investment the easiest asset you own. Expenses that Pristine Property Management can pay on your behalf can include:

  • Water rates
  • City Council rates
  • Body Corporate fees
  • Property Insurance invoices
  • Repairs and Maintenance invoices



Managing residential property requires expert knowledge of all relevant legislation to protect you and your investment. In those rare occasional disputes we are well trained to act between you and the tenant – remembering we are on your side. Our aim is to focus on the prevention of such disputes with effective management and regular contact. As your managing agent, we are able to represent you at Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunals on your behalf if required.


Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms must be installed in all Victorian homes, units, flats and townhouses. Landlords are responsible for fitting smoke alarms in rented properties.

Hard-wired smoke alarms with a battery back-up must be installed in all buildings constructed after 1 August 1997. Buildings constructed before that date can have a battery-powered smoke alarm.

We offer our Landlords the option of annual smoke alarms servicing and engage a specialist company, for further information –


Gas Heaters 

Landlords and agents are responsible for servicing gas heaters in rental properties. Tenants, or renters, must use their heaters correctly and report any issues as soon as possible.

As a landlord or agent, you are responsible for:

  • installing and maintaining gas heaters, pipes and flues
  • using only qualified gasfitters for gasfitting work
  • keeping records of safety checks, installations and maintenance work
  • ensuring pipes are safely sealed after removing a gas appliance.

If you do not meet these obligations, you may be responsible for causing property damage or serious harm to someone, such as injury or death. Serious penalties also apply.

Therefore Pristine Property Management will automatically organise your bi-annually service when it comes due.


Transfer your Property

Are you tired of not receiving the service you deserve (and pay for) or think it is time for a change? Listing your rental property with Pristine Property Management is easy and straightforward and you don’t have to wait for the lease to expire.

Contact our office and we will send you paperwork an ‘Exclusive Management Authority’ to sign. Once we have these signed by you we will notify your current agent and arrange a time to visit their office and pick up your property files and keys.

You can now be assured that your property is being managed by highly experienced team.

As Pristine Property Management concentrates solely about managing your important asset, rather than having the distractions of selling and buying, you can be assured that we give 100% to you, hence our motto, No Distractions, Just Pure Service.